Armstrong: Respecting the Rookie

It seems like the league’s worst 2011 team is becoming the feel-good story of 2012; Kevin Armstrong, who writes for the Jets, has a great article on Andrew Luck, maybe the most complimentary I’ve seen on the Colts’s QB.

Luck is a 6-4, 234-pound rookie capable of throwing from all angles with uncommon touch. Already able to identify his progressions and reads, he is way ahead of the normal learning curve, completing 54% of his passes and notching seven touchdowns for the 2-2 Colts.

Luck, the top pick in April’s draft, has elicited comparisons after five games that place him in the game’s pantheon.

Honestly, if there’s a team to lose against this year (and still feel okay about it), it’s Indianapolis. No hope last year, a rookie leader, a coach guiding the team through inspiration … you know the drill. Let’s hope for a good game tomorrow … or that Andrew Luck has another blue shell up his sleeve.