Arians: “You can’t prepare for NE secondary”

It's no secret that the Patriots secondary has been really inconsitent.  

Luck against New England's D is the key matchup for Sunday's game. However, Colts interim head coach Bruce Arians isn't exactly sure what to expect from the Patriots. 

No one knows for sure if the Patriot's recent addition Aqib Talib will play or not. If he does, it's still unknown how Belichick is going to use him. For Arians, it's tough to prepare with such questions:

“There’s nothing that I could go show them that I know he is going to do in this defense,” Arians said. “I don’t even know where he’s going to line up. So it would be hard. I think we would just be asking our guys to over-study.

“You don’t know if Patrick [Patrick Chung] is going to play, you don’t know if Aqib is going to play, you just know the coverages and the things that they’ve been doing and then what they’ve done in the past. You try to get your guys ready to play and really concentrate on their own games as much as you do on the opponent’s games. That part of it, until you see who’s active and who’s inactive, you really can’t prepare.”

It would be interesting if Talib does play. No matter what, the Colts offense should have a big day against the Patriots D. They struggled against the Jets and the Bills in Foxboro. The Colts have a pretty good shot at getting their 7th win of the season.