Arians to Arizona: Reactions

It's sad, but official: Bruce Arians has taken Ken Whisenhunt's old job as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Will Arizona become a great team all-of-a-sudden? Will we care?

Anyhow, things people are saying about it:

From ESPN, the complete story about the move, somehow ommitting how frustrated Mike Tomlin must be, how baffled Lovie Smith must be, and how relieved Mike Miller must be.

Chris Trapasso for the Bleacher Report writes about what Arizona can expect from the Cardinals next year. Mostly about how the Cardinals might finally get a quarterback, given Whisenhunt's inexplicable inability to find one himself. Larry Fitzgerald is dancing for the first time this year.

Finally, we at Colts Authority have some killer material as well; take Marcus Dugan's article on who could be replacing Bruce Arians in Indy. It's a sad story about mediocrity (Clyde "9-point" Christenson), an old veteran (Tom Moore), and a possible upstart (Pep Hamilton). My personal vote's on Hamilton – after all the in-and-out of the hospital last year, a can't see the Colts hiring a 74 year old to help coach.