Arians: Three Things to Watch For

You've heard it before, but the Colts have been abysmal on the road this year; still, in an interview (curtesy of Bruce Arians gives us a few things to watch for this week, things the Colts have been working on. Basically, this:

– don't turn the ball over

– make big plays on defense

– make big plays on special teams

Logical, right? The Colts, to this point, haven't been looking to create big plays, so it's a good thing someone game them a few pointers this week. Arians hopes his new gameplan will help get his team the ball more than the other team, because – as he sees it – if you score more points than the other team, you usually win. Arians sees winning as a way to make the playoffs this year.

Seriously though, we've been adamant about turnovers for the better part of the season; the Colts can't force them, they give up too many. Everyone cheering for blue knows that turnovers need to happen if Indy wants to stay alive. Let's hope they're serious about it this week. Action, not words.

Also, go Colts!