Arians Ready to Host Former Team This Week

Along with cornerback Jerraud Powers, Bruce Arians will be called to rise against his old team on Sunday in an effort to stay in the NFC wildcard. The Colts, meanwhile, will be playing for the bye – and more importantly, anything other than the four seed.

Arians isn't claiming that Sunday will be easy, according to AZ Central's Bob McManaman.

“I was hoping it would never be on the schedule,” Arians said. “There were too many emotional ties to what happened last year to have to play them. I’m just glad we’re playing them here and not there. That would really be tough to walk into that stadium.” Arians said he and Pagano talk once a week and text each other often, but added those conversations will likely be cut off until after the game.

It's odd to think that, half a decade ago, Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden replaced the Jason David/Nick Harper Superbowl combo … and were gone only a few years later. Time passes quickly, doesn't it? It seems like Indy's CB turnover is pretty quick, and Powers – who came on as a rookie in '09 – is proof of that.

A lot of those changes were due to injuries, however. Guys like Bob Sanders, Marlin Jackson, Powers, and Jacob Lacey found themselves injured more times than naught, and Indy has been forced to improvise. Now that Greg Toler has been out with injury (seems like he might be back this week, though), Indy might want to reevaluate how they're training and conditioning their defensive players.

Maybe I'm wrong, but Indy has lost players to injury at a more rapid rate than most of the league (over the last few years).