Archie says Peyton throwing well

I’ve been hesitant to link many stories with hearsay about Peyton Manning’s ability to throw the football. As we’ve amply pointed out the whole scenario could be put to rest by a video of Manning throwing the ball. 

So with a bit of trepidation I’ll share this story from Mike Chappell who spoke with Archie Manning about Peyton’s progress. As a father Archie likely wouldn’t say anything other than positive things about Peyton’s ability right now but he makes one important point:

“What I’ve seen, he certainly looks fine as far as throwing and velocity on the ball,” Archie said during a news conference today for the Maxwell Award in Atlantic City, N.J. “I did see him a couple of weeks ago; he was in New Orleans. I saw him throw and he looked like Peyton.

“He hasn’t had any setbacks throwing. He’s been throwing for two months and has four or five (months) to go before the seasons starts.”

Manning has been throwing for two months and will have six months of throwing under his belt by the time the season starts. Food for thought…