Archie: Peyton not seeking attention

Archie Manning told that Peyton Manning wasn’t seeking the attention this week:

“This week, he didn’t want all of this attention,” Archie told “But I guess maybe it was inevitable because they’re playing the game here. But we’re fine. I told Peyton from the get go, ‘It’ll work out. It will work out.’ He’s doing all he can to get healthy. That’s all he can do. He’s had a good attitude about it all.”

Some might question the notion that Peyton didn’t want the attention this week, since his doctor on Thursday released information to reporters that the four-time NFL MVP had been cleared to play football. Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted early Friday morning that Peyton hadn’t been specifically cleared by the team.

Could have fooled, well, any of us. Between the ESPN interview, his numerous media leaks and the clearly planned statement from his doctor. Doctors can’t release medical information of any variety without their patient’s permission.