AP: New-Look Colts Traveling to Foxborough for the First Time

Last year the Colts were in a very familiar setup: Manning, Wayne and Garcon, Clark, Addai. Before that, it was Wayne and Harrison; before that, it was the Edge's run game. In other words, this team changed very little for a twelve year span. This year, with a very familiar situation – the Colts and Pats in an important AFC showdown – it's important to remember that this team, for the most part, is still untested against New England. Andrew Luck:

"I know as a younger quarterback, you always tried to watch that game just because the two were sort of a benchmark for the position guys," Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said. "So I remember some of the playoff games, some of the late games, I think when Gillette still had grass, it was always muddy, late in the year. So, great games and great franchises."

He's excited, as he should be – we're used to them being a rival, but to Luck and the Colts, the Pats will be little more than a good challenge and a way into the AFC playoffs.