AP: Luck Added to Pro Bowl

When Andrew Luck was selected as a pro-bowl fill-in, most people assumed that either Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Matt Schaub would be playing in the Superbowl; more surprising was their combined 2-3 record. To catch people up: according to the Associated Press, Tom Brady has opted out of the Pro Bowl with an 'undisclosed injury'. Therefore, Andrew Luck will be playing in a few days time.

He'll be joined by teammates Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis in Hawaii and Manning, the quarterback who preceded Luck in Indy. Luck was the No. 1 overall pick in April's draft and set NFL rookie records for attempts, yards passing and 300-yard games. He fell just short of the league's rookie marks for completions and touchdowns.

Given that Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning will be on the same team, I almost have a reason to watch the Pr- no, never mind. I really don't. For those looking for a good football fill-in, the Walking Dead starts up again soon.