AP: Indianapolis turns focus to fixing defensive woes

Michael Marot of the Associated Press talks about the Colts' need to fix some of their more glaring problems on defense:

But the most glaring problem so far, has been the leaky run defense that has been exposed by the Jaguars and Jets and is likely to be exploited by Cleveland (1-5) again this week, if the Colts can't revise the script.

"We missed a lot of tackles in this ballgame. We had them hit dead to rights and just flat missed the tackle," Arians said. "We've got to tackle better before we'll be any kind of a defense."

Marot quotes Arians, Luck, and Mathis and sums up the mood of the team after wha he called a "horror show" film session.  Nice stuff.  Again, it sounds like the Colts players have the right focus, coming out of their loss to the Jets. 




Marcus Dugan

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