AP Coverage: Arians Back, Colt Signings, Luck Looking Forward

Here we go – another one and done playoff run, another thought provoking season to analyze. To start with the Colts offseason news, it seems like Bruce Arians is back from his short trip to the hospital; we'd like to wish Bruce all the best wherever he ends up, especially after the great job he did this year. I can't imagine he'll be staying in Indy, especially given the number of head coaches fired last Monday.

Meanwhile, the Colts have already started to look towards the offseason by signing seven players to minor contracts, including a few few late draft choices last year. All were on Indy's practice squad (with the exception of offensive lineman Justin Anderson).

Finally, there's a short bit on Andrew Luck, and how Indy's surprising success has them looking big next year. With rookies like Dwayne Allen, Vick Ballard, and TY Hilton all making headlines at some point or another this year, the Colts have a top-tiered sophomore class ready to go for the 2012 season.

Tight end Dwayne Allen hopes to return in better shape after spending so much of last offseason prepping for the combine and his pro day. Running back Vick Ballard said he will spend countless hours working on his run reads. And all this after the Colts produced the highest combined yards rushing and yards receiving (3,108) by rookies since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.

Since Jim Caldwell blew that week 16 game against New York, the Colts have been on a tailspin, held aloft by one of the greatest quarterbacks ever; finally, we're able to see some daylight. Thank you Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck, and everyone else in Indy.