Andrew Luck, Eager to Get The Ball Moving Again

If you can work around yet another game review, it pays off: according to the AP, Andrew Luck and his Colts are looking to start gaining momentum again. It also brings to mind a little shock; with Donnie Avery possibly out against Buffalo (he should be, regardless; concussions shouldn't be brushed off that easily), the Colts may be starting Luck, Ballard, Hilton, Allen, and Fleener next week. If they can pull off a playoff spot, every scout on their team should get a pay hike. Also, Hilton had this to say:

Every loss we’ve had we find a way to bounce. Right now, we have to bounce back and we’re at home and you know how we play at home.

Yes we do – we think. This team hasn't had to rebound in this way before; their game against Buffalo will be interesting on that basis alone.