Andrew Luck conference call, via … New England media

About to head an out-of-town assault on the NFL equivalent of the Death Star, Andrew Luck still found time to address the New England media. Maybe this just plays into my "Reggie=Obi Wan" comparison, but whatever the reason, I thought the interview was interesting.


Q: Schemes don’t necessarily change too much with teams from year to year. Do you think that you are more mentally prepared to handle the scheme of the Patriots this year than you were last year? 

AL: Yeah, I think so. I think I’ve improved. I am nowhere near perfect, but I think I’ve improved. They do such a great job of disguising and making everything look the same and then lo and behold it was different and, shoot, you did something stupid. So, I do feel like I’m better equipped to handle this. 


This, by the way, is the closest we'll ever get to a self-complimentary Andrew Luck.