Andrew Luck among Pro Bowl vote leaders

Saying Andrew Luck has been impressive this year would be an understatement. He's been so good that actual AP voters have even called him MVP worthy

Now, the rookie QB is close to making it to the Pro Bowl:

With 318,128 votes, the Colts' Luck is currently third behind AFC peers Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos (823,372) and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots (746,710). He has a slim lead over Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers (302,583) and the Houston Texans' Matt Schaub (294,522).

The Pro Bowl obviously isn't as important as a Rookie of the Year or MVP award but it would be a nice reward for Andrew Luck. After playing with a very inconsistent running game, an offensive line that apparently tries to get him killed game after game and a really bad defense, I think Luck has done enough to earn a trip to Hawaii. 

A lot of people don't really care about the Pro Bowl. It's mostly a popularity contest and it's often unfair.

Well, at least with the top 3 AFC Quarterbacks so far it seems Pro Bowl voters actually got it right. 

You can vote for Luck and other Colts here.