And they say he chokes?

While looking at QB playoff performance Football Outsiders notes that both Tom Brady and Eli Manning are among the top 3 in DYAR. To gain some perspective they compared them to the top DYAR QBs since 1995.  Who is at the top of the list? You might recognize him.

(Hopefully this puts to rest the notion that Eli’s older brother had a habit of choking in the playoffs. Peyton Manning’s postseason numbers – 63 percent accuracy, 7.5 yards per pass, 2.6 percent interception rate – are nearly identical to his regular season performances of 65 percent accuracy, 7.6 yards per pass, and 2.7 percent interception rate.)

Brady could post the highest single-game DYAR in history in the Super Bowl and he still wouldn’t catch Peyton Manning here. He’s also unlikely to throw three or four interceptions and finish with negative DYAR, so he probably won’t fall back behind Warner. In other words, win or lose in the Super Bowl, Brady’s status amongst his peers probably won’t change