Alfieri: Bold Predictions for Sunday

And by bold, Ryan Alfieri means borderline ridiculous. This week, the Bleacher Report columnist stirs the pot with six predictions for the Colts/Ravens game, like Freeney and Mathis getting 5 combined sacks while Ray Rice rushes for almost 200 yards. Possible, yes. Unlikely? That's why they're bold.

Vick Ballard Will Rush for Over 100 Yards

The Colts are not known for their ability to run the ball, but PFF ranks them 10th in rushing offense efficiency. Vick Ballard has given their offense an element of physicality they lacked with Donald Brown as the lead back. 

It's hard to decide who the clear advantage goes to until the last prediction, but Alfieri seems to be predicting big rushing games and non-existent passing games from both teams. If that's truly how it goes down, I like Indy's chances.