Adam Schein: “Luck gets my MVP vote”

It's no mistery that Andrew Luck's impact on this Colts team has been incredible. 

After a 2-14 season last year, the Colts are 8-4 and very close to getting back to the playoffs. Thanks to that record, a lot of fantastic plays and especially his 4th quarter comebacks, he should be considered the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year. 

For some, like Adam Schein, one of the 50 voters for the Associated Press' NFL Awards, Luck deserves even more than that:



"In an adversity-filled season, on a team filled with holes, Luck is the reason that the Colts are enjoying this amazing turnaround."

"Luck had another heart-stopping MVP moment this past Sunday in a thrilling comeback win over the Detroit Lions. With no time left, the neophyte flipped his fourth touchdown pass of the game, connecting with Donnie Avery to give the Colts a 35-33 road victory. It was Luck's fifth game-winning drive of the season. That's an incredible stat. It feels more magical watching the games, especially the contests against Detroit, the Green Bay Packers (Indy was down 21-3 at half) and the Tennessee Titans (an overtime win)."

"The Colts have the third-best offense in the NFL. Luck is fourth in passing yards. This is stunning. This is value. This is carrying a team."

Schiano also points out that the Colts don't have a good offensive line or a good defense either. Most of Luck's weapons are really young too. Brazill, Allen, Fleener, Hilton and Ballard are all rookies. Yet, the rookie QB has been really amazing. Kyle Rodriguez wrote an article showing us just how terrific Luck has been on third down.

It's unbelievable. We're not talking about Rookie of the Year now. One actual voter talks about MVP. On Luck's rookie-season. 

While I think Luck won't actually be considered for the MVP award, he definitely should. He's as valuable as a player can be to a team and considering the context and the circumstances Luck has faced, the AP voters should at least think about him as a potential candidate. 

At least he has already convinced one of the voters.