A local’s take on the Super Bowl

The Indiana Business Journal talked with local man, Patrick Flanagan, who gave a comparative thumbs up to the Super Bowl experience:

Patrick Flanagan, a digital marketing executive at Simon Property Group, described the overall experience as “phenomenal” thanks to an army of ushers, seat cushions for every fan and a stadium environment less cluttered with advertising than usual.

“It was more focused on the game, a clearer overall look,” Flanagan noted.

The NFL used the full screens to show video, rather than using a portion of the space for extra ads, as the Colts do. The league also didn’t show advertisements on the digital ribbon display that surrounds the stadium bowl. The ribbon screens were incorporated into the halftime show.

Flanagan had only two minor critiques: The food was the same-old, same-old stadium fare, lacking creativity or a foodie touch; and the stadium exit procedure sent fans through the convention center, preventing attendees from walking back through downtown to the Super Bowl Village.

Nice to see it impressed the folks who get to experience the stadium outside of the confines of a Super Bowl.

Todd Smith

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