A bit more on Adongo, via the Indy Star

I hasn't heard of Daniel Adongo before last offseason; now, I know a few things:

1. Adongo used to play rugby.
2. He hasn't played professional football before.
3. He might play this week.

I mean, especially after seeing pictures the Indy Star has posted, I've realized that I, at 5'7'', could probably be folded by Adongo's willpower alone. Speaking of the Indy Star, Stephen Holder has another good take on the 270-pound Kenyan.

That led the Colts to Adongo, who signed with the club July 30 and began acclimating himself to the basics of football. And by basics, we mean basics. Strapping on a helmet and learning to properly wear shoulder pads would be among his first lessons.

Whether this time would come, whether Adongo could truly develop enough to actually help the Colts, was anything but certain back then. No less than general manager Ryan Grigson, the man who green-lighted the move to sign the Kenyan-born Adongo, admitted the athlete was "a total long shot" and called the signing "somewhat of an experiment."

Now. I won't go on too much about Adongo, especially because Marcus nailed it a few days ago, but I will say this: after Indy's success with undrafted free agents (going back to Jeff Saturday), Freeman (thanks, CFL!), and the Army (pending …), it's very cool to see what thinking outside the box can accomplish.

It'll be even cooler to see what Adongo can accomplish when he gets his shot.