7,500 fans greet the new era Colts

This offseason has been filled with less-than-positive news for the Indianapolis Colts but don’t tell fans that. 7,500 fans rolled into Lucas Oil Stadium today to get a glance at rookie Andrew Luck and this new team:

The Colts took the field to loud cheers from those in attendance and even for a 10-year veteran like linebacker Robert Mathis, running out of the tunnel still gave him chills.

“As soon as you stepped on the field you kind of got that little jolt up your spine like you just hit somebody,” Mathis said.

WIBC notes that today’s session also sold more than a few season tickets including a pair to a Pat Cobb and his wife in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary:

Fans had the opporunity to watch the team practice and also purchase season tickets. Team officials say about 3,000 were available and fans were taking advantage.  Pat Cobb of Indianapolis says he didn’t think he would have the opportunity to buy season tickets. “I was surprised that there were so many available and still in good sections.”

Todd Smith

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