2012 Flashback: Miracle in Detroit

There were a number of them in 2012, but the comeback against Detroit – a team equally matched, but terminally unlucky – was the most memorable, as told by Kevin Bowen. While not as great as the Green Bay game, and nowhere nearly as important, the "Miracle in Detroit" had me more giddy/hysterical by the end by far.

INTERESTING FACT: The 14-yard old touchdown reception by Avery with no time left turned back the clock over 20 years for Colts fans. Avery’s final play touchdown, marked the first time since Sept. 30, 1990 that the Colts won a game with a touchdown on the final play of regulation. In 1990, former Colts quarterback Jack Trudeau found Bill Brooks on a six-yard touchdown pass for a 24-23 victory.

Indulge! This is why being a Colts fan is great, and why having projectiles while watching close games isn't.