18 and 63 in Washington?

Drew Magary took off and ran with a tweet suggesting Peyton Manning AND Jeff Saturday could be with the Redskins next year.  Following that hypothetical scenario Drew contemplates what it would look like:

So you’d have Manning working behind a cohesive (but not remarkably talented) O-line, calling the plays, handing off to Helu and throwing to a receiving corps that would be hopefully be bolstered by additional big-name free agents. Would this work?

The short answer is yes. The Skins would immediately improve under those circumstances. They could easily go 10-6 with Manning running the ship. The problem is that kind of success will be A) short-lived and B) mild. The Skins aren’t winning a Super Bowl with Manning, not with the NFC so loaded at QB (I can’t imagine Peyton wanting to leave the AFC for this reason). To get to the Super Bowl, Peyton would have to beat out the likes of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford, Cam Newton, Mike Vick, and even his own brother. That’s not easy for a 36-year-old guy with a bad neck on a new team. The playoffs are the BEST Manning can hope for. And presuming that Manning tails off the way most Hall of Fame QBs do, he’d only have three or four more good years left in him. Are the Skins well run enough to fill out a good roster behind him? I don’t think so.