1070 The Fan: Ballard’s Spin-to-Win Rewards Arians’ Aggressiveness

1070 The Fan's Conrad Brunner believes Bruce Arians made the right call being aggressive near the end of the game.  Brunner doesn't focus on the 4th down conversion right before the tying score so much as he does on the overtime decision that may have been overlooked by some.  Indianapolis won the toss.  The wind was horrendous.  The conservative thing to do would be to defer so they could force the Titans to play into the strong winds.  The Colts chose possession of the ball instead.  Great call. 

Among the many lessons a team can learn from a game like this, the most important came from the sideline.

One coach played not to lose, and lost.

One coach played to win, and won.

Arians wanted his offense on the field to win the game.  Forget the wind (and there was a lot of it).  He was rewarded with an overtime victory. 

Marcus Dugan

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