1070: Colts aim to keep Browns from ‘stomping mudhole dry’

Yep, that's the phrase Arians used.  Clearly, he has never watched professional wrestling.  That is all I will say.  Moving on:

Conrad Brunner of 1070 The Fan talked about the Colts' struggles against the run as they prepare to face one of the league's best running backs and offensive lines.  He quoted Bruce Arians on how other teams are seeing a potential weakness to exploit:

“Once you open up a can of worms, they’re going to jump on that,” Arians said. “Until you put that fire out and make them go somewhere else, they’re going to keep pounding it.

“When you’re a kid and you find a mudhole, you stomp all the water out of that thing before you want to find another one.”

Arians's mixed metaphor aside, the Colts, as Brunner points out, have put up some gut-wrenching statistics against the run on 1st down, making it easier for the opposing offense to stay on the field and keep moving the chains.  With a depleted defensive line, they are up for a tall task this week.  They must stop the bleeding on 1st down and build from there.  Hopefully, with some sound tackling and a little Luck, they can still come away with a win at home. 





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