Andrew Luck’s Houdini Moments: An Escapist’s Archive

In his short career, Andrew Luck has become one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the league. Luck isn't the fastest quarterback, and would never be described as a "running quarterback," but he's incredibly difficult to bring down, and his ability to extend the play is a huge part of his value to Indianapolis. 

Due to this ability, every week Luck manages to turn a sure sack into a big play, plays that we at Colts Authority have deemed "Houdini Moments." This page will serve as an archive for those moments, a place where Colts fans can come and relive all of Luck's miraculous escapes. 

Currently, only moments from 2013 are here, but 2012 will be added soon, and the page will be updated to include future years as well. 


Week 1 vs. Oakland


Week 2 vs. Miami


Week 3 @ San Francisco


Week 4 @ Jacksonville


Week 5 vs. Seattle

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