Editorial Policy

Colts Authority Editorial Standards and Practices


Guiding values:


1.  Tell the truth.

2.  Be fair.

3.  Be smart and funny.

4.  If you can't be both, be one, and if you have to choose, choose smart.

5.  Do what's in the best interest of the Colts.

Greg Cowan has final editorial authority over all content on ColtsAuthority.com.

Policy for unnamed sources:

Colts Authority does not print stories by anonymous sources. If a source is not personally known to the author, it is not a source.

For any reporting:

If a source wants their identity withheld, the following standard must be applied before releasing the story.

1.  If the source is trusted and the information is in line with official team communications or public statements, the story can be run with the name withheld.

2. If the information is controversial, potentially damaging, or contrary to the public stance of the Indianapolis Colts, the following steps must be taken to run a story:

1.  The source must go on record


2.  The story must be confirmed by a second source

In either instance, the Indianapolis Colts must be contacted for a response before the story is run.

All stories involving unnamed sources must be approved by Greg Cowan before posting.

These same policies apply to stories about other entities including but not limited to media figures as well.