Check it to Pancakes Live Show Open Thread!


Here is your Open Thread for Check it to Pancakes first ever live show!  You can use this media player to listen live while you post your questions and comments in the open thread.  You can also contact us via twitter (@PancakesPodcast , @Coltszilla , or @LovinBlue)

The number to call in to the show is: (619) 996-1632   Phone lines won’t open until 10, and I won’t start accepting calls until around 10:20pm ET.

Or if you wish to follow along on BlogTalkRadio and chat there, you can do that here:

Show format:  We will have four show segments of 25 minutes each (15 minutes of the hosts talking, followed by 10 minutes of calls).  The segments, in order, will be:

1.  Colts offense – Kerry Collins, RB and OL   (Approximately 10:10 – 10:35)

2.  Colts defense – Bullitt, Lacey, Nevis/Angerer/Wheeler (as bright spots)  (Approximately 10:35 – 11:00)

3.  Injuries  (Approximately 11:00 – 11:25)

4.  Steelers preview  (Approximately 11:25 – 11:50)

If you want to call in and talk about a specific topic, doing after that topic starts is the best bet. Long distance charges will probably apply to you, and I don’t want people to run up huge phone bills, so don’t call at a time when I’m going to leave you on hold for too long.

Finally, this is our first time doing this format, so there may be some hiccups, stay patient with us, and thanks for all of your wonderful support.