Week 3 Injury Report – Steelers @ Colts

Player Injury Wed. Thurs. Fri Status
P.Manning Neck DNP DNP DNP OUT
G.Brackett Shoulder DNP TBD
M.Bullitt Shoulder DNP TBD
D.Clark Foot DNP TBD
E.Foster Hamstring DNP TBD
D.Freeney Abdominal DNP TBD
R.Diem Ankle DNP TBD
R.Mathis Chest DNP TBD
F.Moala Ankle DNP TBD
J.Tamme Concussion DNP TBD
K.Collins Shoulder Limited TBD
B.Eldridge Knee Full TBD
B.White Back Full TBD

* Mathis had his snaps limited on Sunday, and his injury continues to seem to be concerning.

*  Brackett has not been ruled out automatically, but still do not expect him to play on Sunday night

*  Bullitt has seemingly re-injured the shoulder that put him on IR last year and took him out of the preseason before the 2010 season.  This could be minor, but it does have the potential to be very major.

*  Clark was pulled on a few plays on Sunday and looked to be in pains at points.  His foot injury could be a more significant issue, but with the Colts not moving to bring Mike McNeill back onto the active roster, the team likely has faith he’ll be on the field.

*  Foster and Freeney are more than likely nothing more than a ‘rest’ type of DNP, as Freeney was last week.  Foster played the most snaps on the defensive line last week and showed no ill signs of that work on the field.

*  Diem is day to day, but at this point he’s old enough that the team may take the safe route on him, even with only 1 backup on the roster at OG beyond Mike Pollak

*  Fili Moala played 10 snaps before being pulled off the field, and didn’t come back.  His injury is likely something that will keep him out for at least this week.

*  Tamme has a concussion, which likely means he won’t play this week.  While it would be nice to have him back given Collie’s concussion scares last year, and the fact that Tamme is not being utilized much on the offense, the team may not need him for right now.