Week 2 Injury Report – Wednesday

Apologies for missing last week’s injury reports, Coltzilla writers here will be keeping up with the daily injury reports each week.

Player Injury Wed. Thurs. Fri Status
P.Manning Neck DNP  -  - OUT
G.Brackett Shoulder DNP  -  - OUT
E.Sims Knee DNP  -  - OUT
D.Freeney Rest DNP  -  - TBD
R.Mathis Neck DNP  -  - TBD
R.Wayne Rest DNP  -  - TBD
K.Conner Foot DNP  -  - TBD
T.Brayton Knee DNP  -  - TBD
B.White Back Limited  -  - TBD
A.Gonzalez Hamstring Full  - - TBD

*Anthony Gonzalez returning fully to practice is not surprising as he was all full on Friday last week, and was on the field doing a full battery of warmups with the team like he would be active on Sunday. Barring a setback in practice, look for him to return this week to the field.

*Both Gary Brackett and Ernie Sims have been ruled out of the game on Sunday already, indicating slightly more serious injuries. In addition to these losses, 2nd year LB Kavell Conner has re-injured his foot, which kept him out of 4 games last year. Coach Caldwell speculated that it may not prevent him from playing, but that does not bar the possibility of Conner sitting as well.

*The injuries to Robert Mathis and Tyler Brayton are the most surprising additions to the injury report. Neither seemed to suffer an injury on the field (Brayton played through the final down), which could mean this was more of a rest day than a healing day. Most indications have not hinted at either injury being serious.

*Look for Wayne and Freeney to be full participants on Thursday. Both were rested one day a week last year and continued to play each week, and with no injury listing, this seems to be more of the same.