The Colts Search for a Veteran Backup Quarterback did not Start with Collins

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen learned from sources inside the Colts organization that the front office was inquiring about the availability of veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck prior to him signing with the Tennessee Titans.While that gives management a tiny bit more credibility in how it planned to handle Manning’s injury, it would have been nice — and still would be nice — for more information to be made available to Colts fans who would like to know what is going on with Manning so they can prepare themselves for the coming season.

In any case, it no longer seems like management just stumbled out of bed on Saturday morning and thought, “hmm… do you think maybe we should get a veteran quarterback in here should Manning suffer a setback? Why yes… that sounds like a good idea, let’s do that today.” That’s a relief.

*It’s also not surprising at all.