Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Chad Spann Speaks Out

Chad Spann takes off on a 56-yard run against Minnesota in 2010. (Tom Olmscheid | AP Photo)

The Huskie Wire shares a story about Chad Spann, who visited Northern Illinois football practice on Wednesday. Spann explained to Huskie Wire what happened with his move from the regular season roster to the waived/injured list and how/why he was given an injury settlement.

Really, it’s a numbers game. Right now, with Indy, I made the 53-man roster, but there’s a lot of other injuries on the team as well. We had a bunch of injuries, and you can only dress 46 people in a game. We barely have 46 healthy bodies.

We had five running backs, and I was the one that was hurt. To make space to get other people in we put me on injured reserve.

Right now, nothing is guaranteed. The Colts definitely did express a lot of interest in wanting me back in Week 8, as soon as they could. They knew keeping me on injury reserved and losing me for the season is what they didn’t want to do. That’s why we went the settlement route. So hopefully I’ll be back there in Indy.

It sounds like the interest for Spann to return to Indianapolis is mutual. As to the specific reason why he was placed on waived/injured, Spann explains that he had a hamstring sprain that was, “pretty significant.” Don’t be surprised if he finds his way back onto the Colts. With his talent and upside though, don’t be surprised if he ends up elsewhere too.