Steelers-Colts: Turning Point of the Game

Curtis Painter cocks to fire downfield against the Steelers on Sunday night. (Michael Conroy | AP Photo)

For me, the turning point of the game came with 11:01 remaining, game tied at 13, Colts ball 3rd and 10 at the Colts’ 26 yard line. Painter overthrew Pierre Garcon on a deep route where Garcon had beaten his man on a double move. I don’t want to exaggerate it, but it felt like, had that throw hit Garcon, he might have been able to moonwalk 30 or 40 yards into the end zone.

Instead, the Colts were forced to punt, and although they got the subsequent 3-and-out, the next series was like watching a replay of that ill-fated 2009 regular season game against the Jets:  strip-sack, fumble recovery for an opponent touchdown. Painter did collect himself and was able to drive the team down the field on the subsequent series. But with a defense that had to have been gassed after 58 minutes of stunts and blitzes, sacks and fumble recoveries, they couldn’t muster up one more stop to give Painter another chance.

What was YOUR turning point of the game?