Rumor: Ryan Diem and Daniel Muir Cut

Twitter has been the primary source for breaking updates regarding NFL transactions over the last few days. So much is happening so fast it is difficult to keep up. Two rumors have surfaced surrounding Colts players.

The first is that the Colts attempted to renegotiate Ryan Diem’s sizable 2011 contract but failed. As a result, @coltsinsider reports that Diem will be cut.

UPDATE: Ryan Diem has not been cut. It was reported on Sunday that he has negotiated a one-year contract with the Colts that reduces his salary. The details of the contract are not yet available.

The second is that Daniel Muir has been spotted in Indianapolis cleaning out his belongings. This behavior is indicative of Muir’s release.

Coltzilla will continue tracking these stories and confirm as soon as possible.