Roster Moves & Implications

DT Drake Nevis and DE Dwight Freeney sack Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers in the 2011 preseason

The Colts did not stay silent today after the news yesterday of both CB Jerraud Powers and his backup CB Terrence Johnson landing on IR following injuries during the Colts game against the New England Patriots.  No, instead of good news, or at least offering no more news or updates the Colts have announced that yet another starter will be placed on IR, this time DT Drake Nevis who continues to be bothered by a lower back issue after being pushed over and landing on his coccyx in the week 4 matchup against Tampa Bay.  This news comes at one of the most inopportune times for the Colts who continue to struggle to win a game this season, and matters are not helped as the final month of the season looms closer and closer.

Now, to make matters worse, the news for both MLB Pat Angerer and his college and professional teammate MLB A.J. Edds does not look good.  Angerer suffered an apparent knee injury during the early part of the game on Sunday, and while he did not seem to leave the sidelines, he also did not return to the game.  Edds, who replaced Angerer following Angerer’s knee injury, played most of the game until he, as well, suffered an injury of his own, although his injury appeared to be a foot injury.  While the Colts have not put either player on IR, or even offered information regarding the severity of their injury the Colts have responded to the bevy of roster openings by loading up on Linebackers.  Starting last week, the Colts have added 3 linebackers, bringing the current total number of active LBs to 8.  While it is not unusual for the Colts to carry a large number of LBs during the season to participate on Special Teams, the term, ‘large,’ had previously meant 6.

Also indicating that the news will likely not be good for either Angerer or Edds is the fact the Colts have claimed former Jaguar (and Texan, and Seahawk, and Browns) MLB Kevin Bently.  Bently is a 10 year veteran with 37 career starts and over 400 tackles to his name.  The signing of a veteran MLB instead of another young, raw, rookie seems to point towards a void left at MLB following the recent injuries. The Colts are well known for having significant limitations in cap space, but in spite of the ever shrinking pool of money available, the Colts were willing to spend at least $250k on Bently instead of  less than $100k for a 1st to 3rd year player on a minimum contract.

In addition to Bently, the Colts added former Texans and Steeler OLB Zach Diles yesterday, as well as CB Mike Holmes (of the Colts Practice Squad) and former Colt CB Brandon King (from Miami’s Practice Squad).  King saw action last year following injuries to Lacey, Powers, and Hayden early in the year, but was put on IR after the 4th game following an injury of his own.  CB Holmes has been on the Colts Practice Squad for a number of weeks, and reads similar to current #1 CB Jacob Lacey (small, fast, good tackling), yet is still just a rookie.  The Colts showed significant interest in King last year, and depending upon the current mindset on CB Kevin Thomas, could be an outside shot to start some of the final games at Jerraud Powers former position.  LB Zach Diles reads like a special team contributor, which is likely the case with Jacob Lacey now becoming the primary CB (Colts dislike using primary players at a position on Special Teams), and Terrence Johnson on IR.

Also noted roster moves was the re-signing of OT Mike Tepper to the Practice Squad, and while it has not been officially announced, it is very likely that recently released TE Mike McNeill will also rejoin that list.