Quick Notes from the First Half of Colts v. Rams

Although the antennae I am using at home is a piece of crap and has made it difficult to watch much of the game there are a few things I have noticed that are positive for Indianapolis.

1) Drake Nevis has looked pretty good and looks particularly good lined up next to Antonio Johnson. The two together give the Colts interior defensive line a lot of beef. He is disruptive and capable of holding the line, which is a promising sign for a rookie.

2) Philip Wheeler is playing very well and has not only looked disciplined, he has played with a lot of energy, speed, and has laid some hard hits on opponents. The linebacker corps is shaping up quite nicely.

3) Donald Brown looked decisive, fast, showed good vision, and ran well behind the offensive line. Additionally, while the offensive line was not perfect, the group played well for this early in the preseason after only having a chance to work together as a unit for a couple of weeks.

4) The Garcon catch was really impressive.

Will try to keep track of the second half for more tidbits… antennae permitting.