One Penalty for Colts in First Preseason Game

While the Colts game against the Rams last Saturday might have had only a few encouraging overarching themes as the team spent much of the game focusing on evaluating young talent, one thing should be a compliment to the coaching staff and to the players. Both teams played without a single penalty in the first half, and the Colts finished the game with one penalty overall.

Anyone who has watched a preseason game will immediately recognize that this kind of occurrence does not happen often. Granted, the officiating crew seemed really hands-off as anyone who watched the game will remember a blatant pass interference call ignored that kept Taj Smith from having a chance at catching a pass. Still, these teams have had only two weeks to get their acts together with the coaching staff around to discipline them and teach them to play mistake free football. Two weeks, not months.

It is certainly encouraging to see the team play clean enough football this early in the year to earn only one penalty. If Indianapolis can repeat the performance on Friday against the Redskins, it will begin to become clear that the Colts coaching staff has developed a very disciplined football team in a drastically abbreviated period of time.