Mocking the Colts: The Rumor Mill is Warming Up

With final cuts due Saturday by 4:00 PM EST, the rumor mill is starting to warm up.

Local radio personality John Michael Vincent is reporting that Ricardo Mathews will be among the first players to get cut. This is not overly surprising because if Mathews stuck around it would have been only in a back-up nose tackle role, and frankly he is really new at trying to play that role. At Cincinnati he was more of a penetrating, undersized defensive tackle so expecting him to increase to 315 pounds and change all of his technique in a one-year period, especially with a short summer of work, was probably not realistic.

JMV goes on to mention that both Donald Brown and Jerry Hughes are demanding a lot of consideration from the front office. Indy’s 2009 and 2010 first round picks requiring that much thought to even make the final roster is a bad sign. Even if one or both of these players do make the roster, this sends a massive signal from Colts brass that it’s time to produce or go home. Someone turn down the stove, these guys are frying right now.

A lot of questions have been swirling around the Colts wide receivers. Rumors started early that former first round pick Anthony Gonzalez could be on his way out. Tom James reports that former undrafted free agent Blair White, who has gotten very little attention from fans or members of the media as a legitimate threat to maintain his roster spot, may be coming off of the physically unable to perform list over the weekend. If he is healthy enough to return to practice prior to season opener, it will significantly increase the likelihood that he sticks with the team.

The Manning story drama continues to grow with Adam Schefter’s report on SportsCenter that the feeling in the Colts organization is that Kerry Collins is in the front seat to start against the Houston Texans. What makes Schefter’s quote cryptic is that the conclusions drawn from it seem like a reach by outside sources. His exact quote is below:

They’re going as if Kerry Collins is going to be the starter. That’s the feeling in the organization.

I am not sure that there is anything breaking about the first part of Schefter’s quote. The team has said since Collins signed that it will be preparing for the possibility that Manning will be unable to go against the Texans. As readers can see by visiting the corresponding link, the suggestion is that Schefter has PREDICTED that Collins will start. Unless there is more context to the quote, what he said is not a prediction. He has said the team is preparing to play without Manning (as it has been for weeks) and that the feeling in the organization is that he might not be able to go (the same worry/feeling the team has had for weeks).

Got to love the rumor mill. Once it starts going, the games of telephone kick into gear. Check back in with Coltzilla for updates as roster cuts are released.