Manning Doesn’t Want Andrew Luck?

We have all seen the comparisons between Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck — and at 0-7 , coming off a 55-point blowout, it looks like Indianapolis is leading the sweepstakes. There is no bigger discussion amongst members of football media than which team will have a chance to draft the collegiate star. In one of those recent discussions, former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms said that a healthy Manning would definitely not want Luck to be drafted — “no way.”

I can see what Simms is saying. Even if Manning stayed, he’d probably be gone after about two years, as Luck will have had a chance to get comfortable in the system.

I think if the Colts have the opportunity to take Luck, they will do it — no matter what Peyton Manning may say. Manning only has a few years left in his football career. Why not take Luck? Manning can mentor him for the future.

The biggest factor in this situation is Luck himself.

Will Luck be okay being a back-up for the first three or four years of his career and then taking over? Reports have came out that Luck may want to start right away, which is why many think the Miami Dolphins will the better choice. However, it would beneficial to Luck to land with the Colts, in my opinion. Look at how Aaron Rodgers turned out after backing up Brett Favre for a few years.

After Manning retires with the Indianapolis Colts and takes a shot at breaking numerous passing records — and he has just enough time to do so with four years left under his belt — the Luck dynasty can finally begin.

The final decision will likely be made by a Polian. Will Bill and Chris take a shot, even if it may upset No. 18? Will the Colts tie up that much money in the position over the next four seasons?

We’ll see.

Then again, Miami may get Luck and Indy could take a shot a players like Matt Barkley or Landry Jones; so don’t take that out of the question.

No matter what happens, it’s going to be an interesting April.