Live Updates from Colts Night Training Camp Practice – Wednesday August 10, 2011

Coltzilla’s Jacob Crocker is attending the Colts night training camp practice in Anderson, Indiana. Tonight the team is practicing in full pads, so it is our hope that some of the most accurate updates and information prior to preseason competition on Saturday will come from this practice. Feel free to stop in regularly for updates as practice progresses here. Jacob may gather his thoughts for a full story later.

7:45 PM – Time early to practice: 40 min Time taken to park: 55 min
7:52 PM – Rbs and qbs on the same end of thee field while special teams work on opposite end.
7:54 PM – [Jamey] Richard and Jaimie Thomas sitting out. Vinny hit a 55-60 yarder just a second ago.
7:56 PM – [Cody] Glenn sitting out of practice
8:02 PM – Peyton overseeing rb drills as they work with qbs on receiving drills.
8:12 PM – Crowd considerably bigger from last weeks 9,000 night practice. Probably north of 10k.
8:20 PM – Bethea getting blown up by collie.
8:25 PM – Looks like scrimmage is getting close to starting.
8:35 PM – [Delone] Carter on for a goal line td.
8:41 PM – [Darren] Evans in for a TD up the middle.
8:45 PM – Nevis annihilated McClendon and forced a safety on Orlovsky.
8:48 PM – Spann doing his best Donald Brown impression by letting Vaughn get a sack on 3rd down.
9:08 PM – Gonzo open but runs too far inside for a Painter pass into the endzone from 50. Next play he gets the td over Lefeged and Rucker.
9:10 PM – Gilreath with a sick juke forcing a missed tackle. L. Moore disappointing.
9:13 PM – Sack courtesy of Diem letting Mathis through. Painter may be hoping Ijalana develops quickly.
9:18 PM – 2nd team o line not doing great vs. Freeney, Harris, Foster, Mathis, but looking better than first team. Less blue guys in the backfield.

It looks like practice is wrapping up for the evening so this will likely be the last of our updates for you tonight. Coltzilla will continue updating you with the latest from training camp. Return in the morning for the next episode of the Check it to Pancakes podcast.