Live Updates from Colts Final Night Practice in 2011 Training Camp

Coltzilla’s own TJ Higley is attending tonight’s Colts practice in Anderson. We will keep you updated on his observations, along with others as they come from a small group of people who are tweeting.

*Yahoo’s Jason Cole indicates that the Colts are a team that has expressed interest in recently released DE Aaron Maybin. Maybin was selected 11th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft and recently cleared waivers after his release from the Bills.

7:13 PM @teej813 PattyMac practicing ‘coffin-corner’ kicks from his 30 n nailing them.
7:17 PM @MGrex03 70,000 people have come to #coltscamp this year.
7:20 PM @MGrex03 Looks like [TE] Brody Eldridge is back and will be practicing tonight. [S] Afalava and I think [S] Lefeged in shorts.
7:24 PM @MGrex03 [WR] Joe Horn is warming up as well. [DE] David Bedford in shorts, as is [LB] Cody Glenn.
7:25 PM @MGrex03 [CB] Jacob Lacey back in pads.
7:41 PM @teej813 [LB Ernie] Sims still in shorts, but pretty obvious he’s moving better. Even jogged a few steps.
7:44 PM @MGrex03 Punting drills going on now. McAfee skying punts again.
7:46 PM @teej813 1st n 2nd punt squads. Baltz has a pretty good foot, but Pat hitting them 10-15 yds further… consistently.
7:54 PM @MGrex03 Vinatieri hits from 55 and just short on 57 into a slight wind.
7:55 PM @MGrex03 No sign of Manning yet and nobody has mistaken Frank Reich for him yet.
8:01 PM @MGrex03 The offensive line drill has them diving at a heavy bag. Fairly entertaining.
8:06 PM @MGrex03 Taj Smith with a bad drop on Qb-WR drills. Hit him in the hands.
8:09 PM @MGrex03 Marshall Williams with a couple nice catches. And in walks Peyton Manning to a big ovation. Or maybe it was for Blair White?
8:15 PM @MGrex03 WR-DB drills. Gilreath put nice move on Rucker and Williams makes corner route look easy against Johnson.
8:16 PM @MGrex03 Orlovsky throws perfect corner pass to Brooks with good defense on him then Williams makes good move on Tryon in back of end zone.
8:18 PM @MGrex03 Offense is owning the defense here. Seven TDs in a row. Tamme with beautiful one hand grab. Reggie dropped one to end streak.
8:19 PM @MGrex03 And by dropped meaning he was in full stride trying to catch ball over his shoulder. Not easy catch.
8:20 PM @MGrex03 Tryon with good coverage on Wayne. Thomas following Gonzo badly beaten by great move.
8:21 PM @MGrex03 Gonzo abusing King with double move.
8:29 PM @MGrex03 Tommie Harris is in shorts but is doing some drills with the d-line.
8:37 PM @MGrex03 First team o-line is Castonzo Reitz Saturday Diem Linkenbach.
8:41 PM @MGrex03 Second team is Toudouze McClendon Pollak DeVan Ijalana.
8:42 PM @MGrex03 Freeney blows by Toudouze but Orlovsky steps up and makes nice throw.
8:44 PM @MGrex03 Brackett intercepts hurried pass from Orlovsky on blitz. Reggie jumps off sidelines to “tackle” Brackett.
8:45 PM @MGrex03 Mathis blows by Linkenbach on stretch play to Brown.
8:45 PM @MGrex03 Painter throws it to nobody. Pressure in his face.
8:47 PM @MGrex03 Painter makes good throw over the middle to Clark. Stepped up and got behind the ball.
8:47 PM @MGrex03 Orlovsky nice slant route to Williams.
8:50 PM @MGrex03 Big hole off left side for Carter. Spann and Evans have received no carries yet.
8:56 PM @MGrex03 If Painter could play in a 7 on 7 league he’d be pretty good. He can make all the throws. Problems occur with pressure on him.
8:57 PM @MGrex03 Just as praise Painter he makes bad throw that should have been picked by Wheeler.
8:58 PM @MGrex03 Nice 15 yard sideline route to Gonzo by Orlovsky. Right in stride.
9:02 PM @MGrex03 Hughes blows between Linkenbach and Diem for pseudo-sack on Painter.
9:07 PM @MGrex03 Evans getting some work catching a screen pass.
9:08 PM @MGrex03 Orlovsky throws behind his receiver, knocked up in the air by King and caught by Gilreath. Evans over right side for big gain.
9:09 PM @MGrex03 Overall the second team O-line playing very well against top D-line.
9:10 PM @MGrex03 Orlovsky another good sideline route to Williams. Nevis running with first team.
9:11 PM @MGrex03 Ijalana totally whiffs on Hughes, in backfield fast.
9:11 PM @MGrex03 DeVree runs one way Orlovsky throws the other.
9:12 PM @MGrex03 Second team offense moved ball down to 15 yard line.
9:14 PM @MGrex03 Hurry up drill. 35 seconds left down 2.
9:16 PM @MGrex03 Pass to Wayne over middle then a false start on Diem. Ugh. Sideline pass to Clark 11 secs left.
9:17 PM @MGrex03 Painter doesn’t step up in pocket and gets sacked.
9:18 PM @MGrex03 McAfee tries 75 yard FG…
9:19 PM @MGrex03 Doesn’t make it to end zone.
9:20 PM @MGrex03 Jerry Hughes standing up almost as a rush LB, blows by Ijalana. Next play his game is back on the ground and stoned.
9:23 PM @MGrex03 McAfee misses 62 yarder wide left.
9:35 PM @MGrex03 Last Training camp padded practice is in the books. I think i’ll beat the traffic and skip the fireworks.

Thanks to all who stayed around for the live updates. Thank you also to all who attended and provided the updates, especially Matt Grecco of