Know Thy Enemy: An Interview with a Jaguars Blogger

Editor’s Note: Coltzilla’s Travis Tango had the opportunity to catch up with Jon Loesche to get an inside look at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Take some time to browse Travis’ questions and Jon’s answers after the jump.

Travis Tango – In the one game I watched the Jaguars, I noticed two players on the left side — Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton. Could you give us some background on the two and how they are playing? Also I have seen a couple comments wondering why Britton is starting at guard and not tackle?

Jon Loesche – Monroe and Britton were drafted together in 2009, Monroe was the 1st rd pick and expected to play LT, Britton the 2nd rd pick and expected to play RT. Monroe has been the LT since then for the Jaguars and the results have been OK. Is he a dominant LT like Tony Boselli? No. Is he a solid LT? Yes.

Britton has spent a good chunk of his career on the injury list and has generally been seen as a disappointment because of it. He was switched to guard to see if that would help but his shoulder began bothering him again.


TT – In the off-season you guys picked up former Colts free agent Clint Session with a 5-year, $30 million deal. What is the fan feeling about this acquisition after 9 weeks of play?

LT – There was some controversy early in the year because Session spent a lot of time off the field, because the Jaguars were in nickel so much on defense. Since then it seems he has found more playing time. He has played solid but not spectacular.


TT – It seems every year and sometimes weekly we hear people calling for Jack Del Rio’s head, and this was especially the case after getting rid of Garrard. I haven’t heard it as much since Gabbert has taken over, even with little success. Are people still under the impression he is gone after this season?

JL – JDR’s head has been on the chopping block since the season began, and had the Jags lost to Baltimore on MNF I think he would’ve been let go after the bye week. Owner Wayne Weaver is someone who is loyal to a fault and the absurd deal JDR got following the 2007 season is the only thing that saved him in 2009 and 2010.


TT – Gabbert is a young QB that I think could be a solid player with some development and some better pieces around him, but give us a Jags fans perspective on his performance and future? If I recall correctly, he is one guy you were high on and wanted to snag in the draft.

JL – Gabbert was a guy many Jags fans were high on, although no one really thought he would be available at the Jags pick. The consensus right now seems to be flashes of immense potential — the key word being flashes.

The biggest knock on Gabbert coming out of the draft was that he feels pressure too easily and he has seen plenty so far this season. Granted, he’s working with a mediocre offensive line and the worst WRs in the NFL, but there is no excuse for throwing a pass early when there isn’t anyone in his face.


TT – Last, is there one player on the team that is under the radar, that you think should be known? Who and why?

JL – DT Terrance Knighton and LB Daryl Smith are the two guys who currently tied for the Fred Taylor Memorial Screwed by Jacksonville’s Market Size Award.

Knighton hasn’t played quite as well as he did last year, but he should’ve gone to the Pro Bowl last year and if he played for a team ESPN actually covered he would be considered the next Warren Sapp.

Daryl Smith has been one of the NFL’s best linebackers for awhile now, but doesn’t get the recognition because he doesn’t produce sack numbers.


We would like to thank Jon for taking the time out of his busy schedule  to provide Colts fans with some useful answers that provide some insight into what Indianapolis could see on Sunday. For more information from him on the Jags follow and ask him questions @JonLoesche