Know Thy Enemy: An Interview with a Browns Blogger

The Colts will see their singular form taking snaps on Sunday. (Jason Miller | Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: Coltzilla’s Travis Tango had the opportunity to catch up with Dan Kadar of to get an inside look at the Cleveland Browns. Take some time to browse Travis’ questions and Dan’s answers after the jump.

We would like to thank Dan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to provide Colts fans with some useful answers that provide some insight into what Indianapolis could see at Lucas Oil stadium on Sunday.

Travis Tango – From my point of view, Colt McCoy seems to be what the Browns are about right now. What do Browns fans think of Colt McCoy and what he has shown so far this year?

Dan Kadar – It’s a little hard to be impressed by him solely off one game played this season. He shows glimpses – like in the second quarter last week – but the good is typically book-ended by bad. If the Browns keep losing, more comparisons to former quarterback Charlie Frye will come up.

TT – We know McCoy isn’t all the Browns have to offer, as Cleveland did draft WR Greg Little. In my mind, Little could be a good #2 or slot receiver as he continues to grow; particularly if he and McCoy form a good rapport as they work together. Do Browns fans see him being able to really contribute this year?

DK - The expectation for Little is that this is going to be a learning year after sitting out 2010 at North Carolina. If he gives the team anything, great. I actually think he’s more of an outside receiver, and Mohamed Massaquoi is more of a slot guy.

TT – I am not really familiar with a single guy on defense but I know it isn’t bad — though understandably underrated. Can you give Colts fans an idea of what to expect from your defense, and who to keep an eye on for this game in particular?

DK - Second-year cornerback Joe Haden is the defense’s best player. Other than a mental error against Cincinnati last week that resulted in a touchdown, he was a star. The run defense from the line is improved. Defensive tackle Ahtyba Rubin led the league in tackles from defensive tackle last season and rookie Phil Taylor has looked good thus far. The issue is linebacker play and depth.

TT – How would you describe Peyton Hillis’ running style? And how do you see Hillis performing against the Colts — who are not known as a great run blocking team but do well against certain kinds of runners (Chris Johnson tends to struggle against Indianapolis)?

DK – He’s an all-around back who has and plays with a lot of power. He likes to make contact on the run. He’s really good catching the ball out of the backfield. His pass blocking is decent enough. The trouble for Hillis is that the Browns are figuring out who to play on the right side of the line and getting a rookie left guard, Jason Pinkston, up to speed. Rookie fullback Owen Marecic has also been pretty bad so far. So unless Hillis is running right behind left tackle Joe Thomas, he could have trouble.

TT – What is your prediction for the game? What do the Browns have to do (do better maybe) in order to beat the Colts?

DK – The Browns just have to play smart football on defense and try to get some pressure from the front four. On offense, McCoy can’t  try to do too much and rely more this week on the running game. He threw the ball 40 times last week and that’s far too many. As a Browns fan, obviously my prediction is that Cleveland will win.