Jim Caldwell: Colts Need a Break

Head Coach Jim Caldwell, Defensive End Robert Mathis, and Defensive Tackle Fili Moala look on as the Colts struggle against the Atlanta Falcons on November 6, 2011. (Scott Boehm | Getty Images)

“We need a break,” said Jim Caldwell.

The Indianapolis Colts are the only team in the league without a victory, and have distinguished themselves as the top candidate in the much-anticipated Andrew Luck sweepstakes. There is no doubt that 2011 has been a disappointing season for a group of players — many who are established veterans — who have never experienced losing on this scale. The good news for them? Now they have time to rest.

“I think our guys, after this amount of time to have a bye week as late as this bye week is, I mean who are we kidding?” Caldwell said. “Regardless of the circumstances, by this time of year, you need a break. As tough as this game is to play, as physical as these guys play week in and week out, it’s not easy. We’ll take full advantage of this break.”

The Colts will be looking for their first win against Cam Newton’s Panthers at home after the bye, and that game promises to to be more difficult than the team’s recent loss against Jacksonville. Realistically, the final stretch puts Indianapolis in position to have a realistic chance in very few games. Of course, this means the likelihood that they will go 0-16, like Lions did a few years back, is looming as well.

It has been a long year for Colts football. At least this week they get a break. Maybe the extra time to regain some stamina and wrap their heads around the team’s issues will help Indianapolis get things on track to play competitive football for the remaining six games.