Irsay Comments on Colts Priority In-House Free Agents

Mike Chappell of had the chance to glean some information from Colts owner Jim Irsay earlier today. Included in his story, which all visitors should read by clicking on the link above, is a list of four in-house free agents the team has as top priorities.

K Adam Vinatieri
RB Joseph Addai
S Melvin Bullitt
OT/G Charlie Johnson

Chappell also attempted to learn more about potential cap maneuvering by releasing veterans who are under big contracts, such as Ryan Diem. Irsay’s only response to such questioning was “it’s a very fluid situation across the roster.”

These are the key free agents Colts fans should keep an eye on for a potential return. Clearly — though unnamed for obvious reasons — Manning is the biggest priority but his franchise tag takes some pressure off of getting that deal done immediately; although if a long-term deal was reached it would likely free up some space in 2011 and it seems the Colts are working with a limited spending budget.