Injuries Mount for Colts at Tight End: Clark/Eldridge Seasons in Doubt

Dallas Clark has gone through more personal adversity with injuries in the last two years than the rest of his career combined. This is the wrong time in his career for catastrophic injuries and he knows it. (Pierre DuCharme | Reuters)

After a very disappointing string of offensive performances, the Indianapolis Colts may have to announce season-ending injuries to tight ends Dallas Clark and Brody Eldridge — Caldwell officially called the injuries “significant.” Obviously Clark does not need an introduction to anyone and, though he has struggled this year, his loss may have a significant impact on ability for the offense to move the football.

Eldridge is a second-year blocking tight end who has certainly helped the Colts improve on the ground in 2011. His loss is potentially easier to handle but only Jacob Tamme is left on the team with significant starting experience with the offense.

In order to manage the loss the Colts have signed tight end Anthony Hill, previously with the Houston Texans and with the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad. Hill appeared in five games for the Texans in 2009. He is 6-foot 6-inches tall and 277 pounds, which certainly gives him the size to block and release as a receiver.