Game-Day Consultant Tressel Suspended Six Games

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel watches his team during the first day of spring NCAA college football practice Thursday, March 31, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Terry Gilliam)

Along with updating the status of QB Peyton Manning today, the Colts also released a statement concerning the status of recently hired (formerly fired) replay-booth coach Jim Tressel.  After lengthy discussions internally and with the league office, the Colts have suspended Tressel for the first six games of the season.  The statement notes that the length of the suspension came at the suggestion of Tressel himself.

For a position that will, in all likelihood, have very little effect on the outcome of any game this season, the move to suspend Tressel for six games seems to be more of a PR move than a punishment for unnamed crimes.  The Colts and the league office saw the backlash that resulted from the combination of the Terrelle Pryor suspension and the Tressel hiring and made the easy decision to squash the story before it could snowball into something bigger.