Depth Charts, Watches, and Pancakes, Oh My!

The Colts have released the first depth chart of training camp.  My initial reaction is:  the first depth chart of training camp is like points in “Whose Line is it Anyway?”: it does not matter.  The depth chart will change, and change, and change again before the roster is finalized.  Maybe we can glean a few tidbits and insights into different situations, but my advice is to not spend too much time worrying about it.

Want to see some early analysis?  Here are two first looks:  one from Kuharsky and one from Mike Chappell.

If you absolutely, positively want to consume this stuff,  I suggest sticking to one “battle:”  offensive line.  Why offensive line?  Well, simple:  it is the area the Colts seemed to think required the most work this off-season, spending two high draft picks on linemen.  It is the one unit that a lot of pundits and prognosticators think the Colts could seriously upgrade.  An improved offensive line would go a long way towards an improved running game and hopefully a less-rushed Peyton Manning.

My expectations?  Anthony Castonzo will be the week one starter at LT.  Jeff Saturday will be at center (out on a limb with this one), and the Colts will take the rest of the linemen on the roster, throw them in the blender, and see what shakes up.  I am guessing they hope that Ijalana can earn a spot either at RT (yes, please) or one of the guard spots.  Otherwise, they’ll suffer through one final season of the Ryan Diem experience along with a mishmash of characters at guard.

I am anxious to find out if Jacques McClendon, the 2010 4th round pick out of Tennessee, can win one of the starting guard spots.  McClendon is a big man (6’3, 324lbs) and would be the first tangible signal that the Colts are moving from smaller, quicker, angling lineman to the bigger road-grading variety.  This shift could be the impetus needed for Colts running backs to start finding the room they crave to make plays.

Reggie Wayne talks about watches.  I do not have any in depth analysis on Reggie’s bling.  I just wanted to mention the story because there is a real chance that this is Reggie Wayne’s final training camp with the Colts, and I will definitely miss reading about his presence.  He seems to be one player who is always able to enjoy camp.  He understands its purpose, puts it in its proper perspective, and then does what is necessary to not only get better, but enjoy himself in the process.  Many players, especially as they get older, try to find excuses to miss training camp, it is refreshing to see a player like Wayne, who clearly wants a new contract, still finding joy in the process.

A quick request, if I may:  Reggie normally arrives to camp with a theme.  I have not read about any such theme this year.  Have I missed it?  If you’ve seen/read about Reggie’s get up this year, please let me know, thanks!

Pod stuff.  I hope all of you have noticed by now that there was an early release of the podcast this week.  It was a pleasure to be joined by 18to88 front man Nate Dunlevy.  We talked about a variety of things ranging from the Colts and Peyton Manning’s new contract, to Twitter, the new media and the roles of blogs.  It was a really interesting conversation for me, and I hope everyone enjoyed the discussion and the topics.  I figure Nate will be on the radio multiple times this week, you’ll get to hear him and read him talk about the specifics of the Colts roster (and hopefully I’ll be able to have him on again closer to the start of the season), but Nate provides a unique angle on blogs, Twitter, and how they can be used to enhance the ‘fan experience’ and community.

So normally I implore you to download but not listen.  This week a curveball:  you do not need to download, but you should give it a listen.  Hope you enjoy.

The pod will still run a regular episode this week, taping Wednesday night, going up Thursday.  Thanks for listening!