Coltzilla Interviews Colts Safety David Caldwell

2010 undrafted free agent safety David Caldwell has managed to overcome a rookie injury that landed him on the injured reserve to become a member of the 2011 Colts regular season roster. His play in preseason earned him the attention of fans, and apparently the coaching staff as well.

Last year, Coltzilla had the opportunity to interview him as he prepared to head into training camp. Now, Caldwell was generous enough with his time to speak with us again, after his first regular season game in the NFL. We thank DaC (his nickname) for his time and consideration and hope that our readers enjoy getting a chance to know one of the team’s first-year players.

Editor’s note: We will be adding a transcript for those who have trouble hearing the audio. The interview is recorded over the phone, so is casual in nature (in terms of question/answer), and the quality may concern some readers/listeners.