Colts Weak Side Linebacker: Advantage Kavell Conner

It is funny how quickly fortunes can change during the NFL off-season. When Kavell Conner went down with hand injury on Friday, veteran free agent acquisition Ernie Sims saw his stock rise significantly. While Sims has been making a name for himself as a hard-hitting, aggressive linebacker who could bring an energetic defensive attitude, Conner had to sit out. Now, with news that Sims will miss the next two weeks (at least) after undergoing an appendectomy, coupled with Conner returning to training camp practice on Monday, the second-year linebacker out of Clemson is back in the driver’s seat.

The other effect of Sims missing time is that other linebackers will get a chance to have more repetitions. Considering that Sims is a veteran who is comfortable with the Cover-2 defensive scheme, it could work out to the team’s advantage prior to final cuts. The player who may be set to have the biggest benefit from Sims missing time is undrafted free agent Adrian Moten who has already turned some heads as one of the better pass defending linebackers early in camp.