Colts Roster Updates and Evaluations

The first weekday following the Colts preseason opener brings a lot of news.

  • The Colts parted ways with quarterback Nate Davis. When asked about the reasons head coach Jim Caldwell said, “We just have too many guys to work and get ready so we were are just looking at the guys we have and are trying to create a pecking order because Curtis (Painter) is going to play more now as the preseason goes on. It’s just a numbers deal.”
  • Rookie safety Joe Lefeged continues to be in favor of the Colts coaching staff. Caldwell said, “He can get to the ball, he’s a ballhawk, he’s active.” The problem for Lefeged is that he sat out of Monday practice with a groin injury. There is no word as to how much time Lefeged will have to miss.
  • Wide receiver Austin Collie also sat out Monday’s practice having team physicians take a look at his knee. Caldwell says, “He should be fine.”
  • Although most fans who had the opportunity to watch the Colts preseason match-up in St. Louis would likely agree that neither Curtis Painter nor Dan Orlovsky looked like viable starting NFL quarterbacks, Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell’s comments indicate rather strongly that they will be the two backups at the start of the season. Caldwell said, “Those guys have practiced extremely well, coming along and are doing a nice job. I don’t expect them to be Peyton Manning on the first night out.” While Orlovsky could get a pass because he is unfamiliar with Indy’s system, it was hardly Painter’s first night out.
  • While past reports have indicated that Bill Polian does not intend to use Ben Ijalana at guard, Tom James of Rapid Reports, learned that Caldwell is not opposed to the idea. Caldwell stated, “We have to look at our guys and figure out who are best five are to put out there on the field.” In any case, it seems the likelihood that Ijalana will start Week 1 against the Texans goes up significantly if he is competing for two spots on the line.
  • Rounding out the returners and sitters for the day on Monday is a seven-for-seven swap. Players returning were: DT DeMario Pressley (hamstring), LB Cody Glenn (neck), TE Brody Eldridge (knee), WR Joe Horn (back), DE Dwight Freeney , DT Fili Moala (foot), OG Jamey Richard (calf).
  • Players sitting out were: LB Adrian Moten (foot), LB Ernie Sims (appendectomy), S Joe Lefeged (groin), DE Jamaal Anderson (groin), OG Jaimie Thomas (back), WR Pierre Garcon (back), and DT Tommie Harris.

The best news from all of this is that the first preseason game is in the books and Indianapolis has not lost anyone to injury. The worst news is that players who have showed potential, or need to show potential, like Lefeged, Anderson, Moten, Sims, Garcon, and Harris are all on the list of new players sitting out. Coltzilla will stay on top of the roster moves as they come in, along with updating team health details as they are released.

* Garcon’s back injury appears to only be a minor contusion without serious or long-term implications. Caldwell said Garcon is OK.
* The Tommie Harris injury could have more long-term implications. He was not overly effective against Rams backups Saturday night and his hamstring issue, if serious enough to keep him from participating for an extended period of time, could result in his release. Phil B. of agrees. Harris has a history of knee and leg issues that make any problem more alarming. Coltzilla’s own Dr. Blue predicted that this kind of issue could pop up for Harris.
* Please check out Scott Bolander of BlueSundayColts Blog’s thoughts following a close viewing of the Colts and Rams game. More analysis from another set of eyes cannot hurt.